Friday, December 17, 2010

A gift for the whole family, except dad, cause he's bald...

My bank balance is upsetting me. It's a vicious cycle. The more down it gets, the more down I get.

So tonight, instead of doing anything interesting, I've been doing something practical. For whatever reason, I have to get a present for my sister Becky twice (once as a normal, me to her Christmas present, once as Secret Santa within our group of friends) which hardly seems fair given that I don't even really like her that much. So, with the depressing bank balance in mind, I've made a whole heap of tie on headbands - basically 8 or 10cm cuts of a whole heap of stash fabrics folded in half and sewn. There's already a lot of them around the house, so hopefully this will just be absorbed into that lot, and I think that within a week or two they'll be fair game for any of us to use. My favourites though are mine already, and I guard them fiercely.

Good news on the dress front too, I found the pattern that I used a few years back to do a work Christmas show dress, so I'll be trying to do that tomorrow. It's a long one though, maxi style with a fairly full skirt, so I'll be needing quite a bit more fabric than I have - bad news for the bank balance I'm afraid, unless someone can lend me 4 metres of a mid-weight black* satin?

*colour open to negotiation, but I want to use a cotton print I really like for the waistband, and it's yellow print on black.

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  1. Headbands....what a good idea and Becky should love them for at least a week until they have all disapeared without a trace.