Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dude... Sweet... Dude... Sweet...

I really need to stay off the Vistaprint website. Everything I get off of it is the epitome of pointlessness, but gosh darn it's cool. Today I got two keyrings, a notepad, post it notes, a cap, a stamp, some little magnets and a big one you can stick to your car. All printed with our silly little "Save a horse, ride a lawnmower" logo*.

Yeah. You're all jealous you're not members of the Lower South East Ladettes. Logo by me of course, on my funky touchscreen, prone to overheating computer.

I should point out that we went with it because the boys wouldn't get us South East Pisshead Association shirts. But ours is so much cooler, because we have a proper custom logo as opposed to their silly picture of a ute. We're gunna get the logo printed on hot pink polo shirts. Might see if I can get that sorted tomorrow. Because... I don't have to work for the rest of the year! And I probably should get on with it, because it's two weeks till the Harrow BnS ball.

Before that though we have Crafternoon III - Crafters Never Sleep, and then NYE on Friday. I'll be going to Nelson with my bogan homies, and I don't start work till 5.30pm on Saturday, so that's plenty of time to recover. Some big days ahead, but I can't go to bed, since my Time Team episodes finished downloading today while I was at work. And I've loaded them onto my tablet to watch so my laptop doesn't overheat, and it's much too awesome of a setup to tell it to stop. Which is a problem because I've loaded seven hour-long episodes onto it. And I'm only onto the third. And it's after 2am already. And I need to be out of bed by lunchtime at least because I need to pick up Kelsey at 1.30. The name of Crafternoon 3 is surprisingly apt.

I know. My life is too awesome for words.

*which is an adaptation of last years NYE celebratory shirt logo (the big lady in a floating inner tube), and in honour of Big and Rich's excellent song Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

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  1. Bugger. I still have to drag my sorry arse to work for another two days. What fun!

    New Years Eve here is going to be 43 degrees. We're doing the old fart thing and going out for dinner because it's our wedding anniversary. I would much rather stay home in the cool but apparently wedding anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated...

    I hope you have fun.