Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dressmaking season...

For the next few days this will stop being a quilting blog and be a clothes sewing blog. At least, until I get frustrated and go back to what I'm good at.*

The work christmas show is in 11 days. Twelve if you include the day of, and the fact that I'm normally finishing outfits an hour or less before wearing. Starting 12 days out is massive for me. Starting 2 days out is massive for me.

Here's the thing though: this year, for the first time in 4 years, I am going solo.

And I am out to wow.

Not that there's anyone at woolies I wanna date, but you never know. One of my teenyboppers on checkout may have a hot brother who will see me in one of her photos on facebook. And we normally share with some other companies, so why not feel optimistic?

While I was at Spotlight Sunday afternoon I bought 4 metres of hot pink satin backed shantung. $2 per metre and then 40% off with the voucher. It was all they had, otherwise I would have got 20. And tonight I've been cruising eBay looking for something to copy.

I very rarely use patterns. Through not fault of my own I'm very bony and knobbly. I weigh sub 45kg and have a curved spine which means that one hip juts out while the other isn't really there at all. And I refuse to pay $20 for a pattern which I will have to alter like buggery to make it fit nicely when I could buy a whole dress for $6 at the salvos. Fortunately,** I'm good at making up the pattern as I go along.

This would be super easy. 

Something along the lines of: Long strip. Trapezoid, runched at top and bottom. Small rectangle. Many layered big rectangles, runched at top. But I might need to break out the overlocker for all that runching. I'll be going longer too, in order to hide the nasty case of knobblykneeitis I have.

I also found this, which I really liked the shoulder and boobie cut of, though not in the tacky pleather it's in. eBay just looks for "dress" in the title and I haven't worked out a decent html command for but don't show me the tacky, slutty, you know it's not worth 50 cents, chinese tat. Still, that's why I look at clothes on eBay instead of buying them, and I think I could quite nicely copy this for the top and pair it with a straight cut, slinky, to the floor ballgown type bottom half.

And my pink fabrics drapes wonderfully, so it would look a million billion times better. And even though my spine is curved, in the left part of the picture, she's standing more wonkily than I do. Now that I look at it, top picture girl is doing it too. My default posture is a model pose...

Standing crookedly must be so in right now.

*I'm good at clothes too. But I can now damn-near-literally quilt in my sleep, whereas it's been about 8 months since I did clothes, and, like a pin in vintage fabrics, I've gotten rusty.

**and I was gunna move to Adelaide and do a course to become even more awesome at it, back before the rust set in, but if I had I would never have started quilting.


  1. Im sure whatever you make it'll look gorgeous. We obviously want to see it when you're done. I love both those black dresses...

    Cant sew clothes (not actually wearable clothes anyway ) to save myself. Im envious of those who can.

    Have fun with it.

  2. I'm so impressed that you can do this sort of thing!! I have sewn exactly one dress in my life, and it was a simple tube dress made from that really easy fabric that is already elasticized at the top. All I did was cut it the right width, and stitch it straight up the back. The fabric was very cute, but it made me sweat like the pregnant cow I was at the time. LOL

    Please, please, please make sure you post photos of this dress!

    ~ Meagan