Monday, December 27, 2010

Do I write too much?

I didn't realise it till I'd gotten home and had my ice-cream, but Helen was right, it has been a very long day. Expensive too. But my pay packet next week should be massive, thanks to four double time and a half hours, eight time and a half hours and three you don't have to work but we'll pay you anyway hours.

It's the best thing about this time of year really. And what's more, because of the timing of it all, I'm still managing to not work new year's eve or most of new years day (5.30pm start) but I still get plenty of bonuses (I'm doing next monday too, so I'll be getting double and a half again)

Anyway, shopping. Since I thought noone was at Helen's when I went there (for future occasions when everyone's out in the backyard, we need to set up some kind of secret home/not home sign) I went straight to Spotlight, but she appeared there not long after. My total spend was about $65, but luckily, that's right about what I got in money and Spotlight vouchers for Christmas. So that would have worked out well, but I'm not super keen on one or two of the fabrics now that I'm home, and I think I'll have to look at replacing them. But it's okay, turns out that the special is on till Tuesday, so I'll be going back tomorrow. And maybe Tuesday as well. I got 3 quilts worth, minus backing for one of them and the binding another, but still, even once I get that we are still only looking at a total cost of about $35 (that includes my super cheap $7p/m batting) per quilt. And not a little quilt either; I'll get around eventually to explaining the pattern I'm doing right now, which uses 9 quarters to get a 120x140cm quilt. It's a bit simple, and it uses quite big squares, but it's very quick and much more economical than a fiddly little thing with all those seam allowances.

After Spotlight (it took a while) we swore at the Kmart photo boxes for some time, had some lunch, and got kicked out of as many shops as they closed as we could. Which was only two. We need more practice. Helen thought she was dodging visitors but when we got back to her house they hadn't even arrived yet, and when they did, they didn't seem very interested in my fabrics at all.

There's no helping some people, I guess.

Bob threw a tantrum when I had to go to Woolies for coke, but the diet stuff is kinda like kryptonite for me, so it had to be done. Tea was yum (I haven't had potato gems in ages) and the babies went to bed, so Helen and I got stuck into patterns.

After the hoo-rah with the work christmas show top, I was thinking how glad I was that I hadn't moved away and done a course of fashion, because I so wasn't into it any more. But if this keeps up it wont be long at all till I am an expert in baby clothes. I wasn't a huge fan of Helen's sewing machine, but then, it wasn't mine. And I stuffed up the cuffed hems, but we chopped them off and it looked fine as just regular flares. Oh, and I should mention in context that they were just practices, made from bright green gingham. From a pattern I traced from some corduroy jeans she's never really worn. We'll need to increase the butt room on the next pair, and I've just realised that means we need to shorten the length of the inside leg on our altered pattern (which I will need someone to remind me about tomorrow), but things are looking good. Not that anyone can see them looking good, because at 10pm you don't think of taking a photo of the baby while she's doing a test fitting of the pants, but we'll get there

If you have a size 0 baby in need of some funkadelic pants, we are the people to call.

And if you want photos of completely unnecessary purchases, this is the blog to visit.

This baby would have been one of the best $2 I ever spent, but I only had a dollar on me so Helen paid the rest. It fits one metre of fabric, but it's not a particularly effective storage solution. It looks so amazingly funky though - I would love a briefcase sized one, but I'm fairly sure those clasps don't come that big, which is an epic shame.

There was a different fabric in it than the blue solid at the bottom, which I bought a while ago, but I like that much better, so that's one less I have to replace tomorrow. I've bought a pink (that's almost exactly between the two shades in the flower) to use as a binding, but only because the lack of orange fabrics at Spotlight borders on the criminal.

There are a few crossover fabrics in this bundle, but for this one I want the contrast fabric to be the yellow instead of the pink (I only put it in the middle this time to show off the tulip print). That brown there is spoiling it for me quite badly though, so it needs to be swapped out.

Actually, I've just had a thought... what do we think of this Erin McMorris being subbed in? I have a yard of it that's been stashed for a while now after I got it on ebay for about $4.

Helen has nominated this as the quilt she wants for her birthday so I guess it's up to her. Here's the back fabric:

Which I'm also considering cutting a strip of and framing for Mum. They look nothing like Barry, but the green ones are exactly the same colour as his crap, which I have fortunately managed thus far to keep him from doing on my quilts. Quilting with birds is even worse than quilting with cats*, unless they're pretty printed-on-fabric birds.

This is my final bundle, and actually, I picked all the other fabrics because I'm so in love with the yellow one. But now I'm not sure that it fits.

The idea is that the whites are the big squares, the blacks are the half squares and the yellow is the little squares (they were the brown ones on Kelsey's quilt) but I'm worried that in the chopping I'll get some that don't really have much yellow in them, and they'll get lost. There were a couple of others in the range but I think they've sold out, which is a shame because I seem to recall they were a more even pattern. There's no rush though - I might find something I love weeks from now but that's fine, I doubt I will have started it anyway.

Crafternoon tomorrow (but I have to be at work at 4 - sob) so I'll be choosing between pants and cutting, probably of the first set because I'm quite in love with their retro-ey goodness - I'll need to find some blades if I take that route though because mine have gotten damned blunt.

Do I write to much? In my defence one of my main reasons for starting a blog was so that my typing would go back to being good, and it's certainly done that. But I do tend to waffle on a bit sometimes, and for that I apologise. With an s, because that's how we roll down under.

*It's damn lucky that blogger in draft is so excellent at saving-on-the-go, because this blog post has been exited out of by Honeycat three times now...


  1. Flat fats are 30% off at Spotlight, sale started boxing day so they ripped you off with the price on that one Sara.
    See you at crafternoon, cant wait to get into the funky pants

  2. It's your blog Sara - write as much or as little as you want to. I often waffle over at my place.

    Love the fabric in the third last photo bottom right . What is it? The blue leaf is pretty nice too.

  3. It says on the selvedge "Weekends by Erin McMorris for FreeSpirit Westminster Fibres # EM 24 Garden Walk"

    I have it in green too.

    The blue leaf is double blocked homespun from spotlight - I think it only got in a week or two ago.

  4. Thanks Sara. I might have to take a trip to Spotlight...