Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bloody Typical.

I came home from work. I cut. I pleated. I pinned. I got to my machine and had a look through my cottons in their little tray.

And of course, none of them even nearly matched the fabric I picked. The fabric that was way more difficult and slinky than the pretty pink stuff. And not as pretty.

I'll be sulking in my electric blanket watching how it's made if anyone wants me.

(Okay, but looking on the positive side, matching and pinning the pleats is the hardest bit of the whole thing, and that's over and done with at least.)


  1. I hate it when that happens...

    Fortunately Spotlight is open today and the hard part is done right?

  2. Luckily for us SPOTLIGHT is open EVERYDAY.
    I went in yesterday and got me some more felt and some interfacing and some interestingly printed jersey that I was hoping would turn itself into some pyjama bottoms for Bob. I hate making clothes and I dont have an overlocker so that could be interesting. On the up side I used to sew heaps of clothes in the olden days and I was very good at it. I suffered from home made syndrome though so I never wore any of them but Mary did. all the time. But again I dont do jersey. But the patern on the fabric was sooooooo qute I had to buy it. Of course I have to go back to Spotlight again today because I forgot to get embroidery cotton. Bad Bad me how could that happen = )