Friday, December 24, 2010

3 days. Or late nights rather...

Either a day late, or a day early, depending on which way you look at it, the quilt is in the wash.

First, quickly, let me reiterate, I hate binding. It shits me. But I did the best kind of binding I know (which only really works if you echo quilt all the seams), where you make it so the binding extends about 7mm further on the back than it's sewn line on the front. You fold your binding under and pin it all down, and sew the first line using a zipper foot from the top, right up against it, then you flip it over, reverse the side your needle is on (it doesn't bunch with the zipper foot, I don't know why) and sew from the back. If it's less than the width of the foot, you go in a bit, if it's more you can either keep level with your last seam or drift out a bit. It doesn't really matter, and you can be guaranteed that you wont have any missed spots. From the front it looks like the echo seam of all the other blocks, from the back it's a nicely double stitched wide binding.

Still, it took me as long to bind it than it did to piece the entire top. So, hatred.

Anyway, I don't start work till 4.30 tomorrow, so as well as taking plenty of pretty photos for everyone to get to look at on Christmas day, if I can find some eyes I'll have a go at Bob and Esther's JellyBabyBears, and maybe also make myself a case for my tablet.


  1. Im not keen on binding either,but I can never get my machine binding perfect, so Ive finally capitulated and hand sew it down on one side.

    Im off now till next Wednesday . Yay! I hope your last few hours at work arent too foul before Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Sara.

  2. Merry Christmas Shay, and thanks for coming to say Hi every morning.

    I'm not going anywhere....