Thursday, November 4, 2010

yesterday's photos

I was right about the midnight snack, so I called in sick today. And then spent the entire day feeling guilty about feeling like shit, and not doing anything.

Must say though, I'm loving this big internet thing. I've downloaded 5 episodes of Covert Affairs and 3 episodes of Chuck, because White Collar is in the off season and I need more Matt Bomer.

I'm a fangirl loser like that. But I'm not ashamed. Seriously, google him. He's hot.

Clearly, I'm feeling better. New midnight snack - icecream. Not feeling icky today.

Anyway, SD reader kicked back into use again, so here's the photos from last night, since I didn't achieve anything today.

Some flatbears. Still only pinned up the side, but I'll get the handsewing done eventually.

Mutant flatbear. I think I can fix the cheek by handsewing it in a bit further, but we'll see.

Mutant bear's mini brother, who's not mutant, but who I stupidly cut a hole in. It was getting late.

Ow. It doesn't look that bad, especially if you compare it to my sister's fingernails, but I always have long nails, and it bloody hurt. Today it bled a bit, so it has a bandaid on it now.

Yeah, I'm soft and a loser. Still not ashamed.

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  1. Looks good Sara. You know Im happy to do any hand sewing you throw my way.
    I see mini me market has locked in Feb 27th at either show grounds or avtive 8