Monday, November 8, 2010

Written 2 hours ago...

I've been considering pulling an all nighter to see if I can get myself so tired that I fall asleep at a reasonable hour tomorrow night. But, unfortunately, I've run out of stuff that can be done in front of the machine (piecing and binding both need the cutter and the iron, which are out in the lounge) so I've pretty much lost all motivation. I bound the tiny quilt of leftover bits earlier in the night (very badly) and I just quilted the bue and green wonky quilt (quite well), and now my possible to-dos include binding the double wonky quilt, and piecing a back for the purple and green quilt. But, in the kitchen. Where it's 3 degrees colder, possibly because my computer is running hot enough to warm my bedroom right now.

My internet has dropped out for no apparent reason. I've rebooted the router, and my laptop, and now I'm doing the turn off the router for half an hour and hope it miraculously works when you turn it back on. It's worked in the past, but I'm worried that I may have used up all my mad computer fixing skills today at work, where I managed to get the big moneys out of the registers that couldnt be turned on. I had the actual tech guy there at the time, but I did all the metaphorical heavy lifting, while he held the trays in the air. That shit is literally heavy, y'all. Coins and stuff.

Any time shit is *something* in my world, it needs to be followed up with a y'all. I dont know why.

But anyway, my internet isn't working. And that's a good excuse for me to not go to bed, because I like to check everything last thing before bed. But on the other hand, I like to break up my sewing with internets, and I think a good bout of internets right now would let me get back into the sewing again. That's why I'm typing this even though there is no internet, in the hope that the internet is back by the time I'm done. And if the internet doesn't come back tonight, then I'll have to save this to post in the morning, and go to bed.


Shit's complicated, y'all.


Internet came back up, I got distracted by fabric shopping. It happens. My plans have now changed to "do I watch DVDs all night?" or "do I go to bed?"


  1. Whichever you chose, I hope you enjoyed it! Glad your internet came back up.

    I also want to say that I don't think I've ever heard "y'all" from an Australian before. I'm having difficulty making it work in my head! LOL

    ~ Meagan

  2. I saw the sunrise, and then went to sleep till 3 in the afternoon. So I'll be doing my all-nighter tonight, having slept half the day and also, thankfully, not worked the 8 hour shift I did yesterday.

    I think I watch too much American TV, and listen to too much American country music. My way of saying it isn't American though, but I can't really describe it.