Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A very important question...

Even though I don't start work till 5 tomorrow, my damn father is home and so I wont be able to sleep in.

This freaking sucks. I may have got distracted by this morning's episode of The Circle tonight at Helen's and not gotten home till after 11 (seriously, if/when you want me to leave, say) but that shouldn't make me unable to watch the new episode of Castle as well as a half dozen back episodes of Chuck.

Not while doing any sewing, mind, since I'm not sure what I feel like doing, so I'll instead be eating icecream and eBaying while watching TV, instead of doing anything practical.

Question for international peeps... I've heard you guys don't have Milo... Is this true? If so, what do you put on your icecream?


  1. what is Milo?
    I put chocolate syrup, or caramel, or whipped cream on mine.

    ~ Meagan

  2. Sara when I want you to leave I will pack your stuff up and walk you to the door. Im always glad to see you and you know the Ninja loves you. HOWEVER you do make my head spin sometimes, I get lots more ideas of things I can make, this is not a totally bad thing except for the fact I dont have time to make them but I will go and spen more money in an effort to make them and then not really do anything with it.

  3. What Milo is, is powdered greatness in a tin.

    It's very nice on icecream.