Monday, November 1, 2010


Today I simply could not focus. After helping Mum pack for a bit, since they're pissing off around the country for a few weeks, I put the fabrics for today's top in the washing machine. Then, while that was going, I decided I'd to a tiny quilt, well, not tiny tiny, but the size of my leftover bit of batting, which was around 65cm wide by about 1m. So I got all the scraps from quilts numbers 13 and 14 and laid them all out on the batting, but then I couldn't sew them because there was a really quite interesting documentary on the Melbourne Cup on TV and anyway, Casey was asleep on my bed. So I faffed about a bit more, and cooked myself some chips, and read the newspaper, and helped Mum and Dad re-cover a card table, and, eventually, (much later) A teeny tiny quilt top got made. Then I couldn't find any pins, so I basted it to the batting, and attached the back (from Soiree by Lila Tueller) with save a stitch iron on webbing tape. Just as an experiment.

Tonight, while doing more faffing about instead of doing this post, I quilted it, quite nicely I feel, in a wavy-stitch-pseudo-free-motion-thingie. It needs binding before I can wash it and see if the webbing has affected the final condition at all, but for now it looks nice.

Anyway, obviously, that wasn't my actual planned quilt top to make today. Around having fish and chips for tea, missing both Offspring and Bones but watching Juno yet again, only with ads this time, and cooking myself some chocolate cupcakes, I got this made.

Apologies for the crap photos but I couldn't be bothered sweeping the floor so I could take a nice overhead shot, and I didn't want the batting to get all dirty.

Helen's probably a bit excited since she bought the fabrics above for Bob's quilt, but for everyone who didn't know, That's Bob's quilt. Bob is the big brother of Esther, who missed out on a quilt when he was born since I wasn't actually quilting then, but here it is. Upside down, but I also couldn't be bothered turning it around, and this was the end with the couch to stand on.

I'm so hugely proud of the fact that the fish are all the same way up. I rock.

Some kind of backing will be pieced tomorrow so that I can get it properly basted, even if I don't get into the actual quilting for a bit. In case you were wondering, I have since found more pins.

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  1. Quilts look great, I was pissed that the cricket was on instead of offspring to.
    I didnt get much quilting done because as soon as I got it out Esther started whinging. I did sew a little cover with ribbons for a baby present for Travis Smiths Baby and I also made a flanalette bib for Esther so all was not wasted. Also went to Spotlight on Saturday for some felt to make some flowers. Got a piece of fabric for Esther, Im going to make her a vintage ticker tape quilt.