Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Stuff I'm liking...

You know what I'm really liking right now? Ovaltines. Except for how they get stuck in your teeth really badly. And how you get a funky taste in your mouth a couple of hours after you ate them.

You know what else I'm liking? Not making a quilt top right now. I made the back of Bob's quilt today, but I cant find my camera and anyway, it's a back. Doesn't count.

Helen of course immediately claimed to like the back better, but then she always does that, and gets all "why cant we just say it has two fronts?" except that it's not a moebius quilt, so it has a front and a back. Granted, if it was a moebius quilt, it would only have one front, but not two. Still, it's a good segue to the third thing I'm liking right now.

Why did the chicken cross the moebius strip? To get to the same side.

I love the Big Bang Theory. So so much. And I very much like the fact that it airs on 3 different TV stations in our house, although we have it all on DVD anyway.

Things I'm not liking include the fact that the power cable to my laptop keeps falling out, and the way my mother has abandoned me without filling the fridge. Seriously, if it's not bad enough that they suddenly decide to go on holiday for 3 weeks, but then they also take the peanut butter with them? That's just bad parenting.

1 comment:

  1. Ok so from now on all the backs will be fronts to me and all the fronts are dead to me. I think i said before they are double sided so dont make me choose. IM A MOTHER its not fair to make me choose.
    Truth is I like them all but fact is your better at it than me so I dont like to praise very much, I was the master once but now Im just a spectator and that makes me sad.