Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photo post.

I went to bed around 8.30 last night, because Casey said I had to wait until it was dark. I still didn't get up till lunchtime today though, so i think it will be going down in history as a curious experiment that proved nothing.

Anyway, the weather yesterday was lovely, so I took photos of the quilts I got finished on marathon night. They're not very good, but oh well. I was tired.

The log prevents creases, which is good, but doesn't fit in the cute little briefcase.

My helper.

The double wonk quilt.

The teenie quilt. Short side is about 65cm.

Blue and green seems to be a popular pairing for me, with 3 quilts already.

Even though this had always been referred to as the purple and green quilt, I think we should go with purple and teal as a more accurate title.

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