Friday, November 5, 2010


Tonight, I made some pants.

But you see, the thing about pants, the thing that differentiates them from quilts, is that you need to be wearing them when you take a photo. And if half your family is driving around Australia, and the other half are in at the pub, then there's noone to take that photo for you. And when you try yourself, you realise that your arms aren't long enough, and all you are doing is taking photos of your crotch. And that's a bit weird.

So, unsurprisingly, there's not going to be any photos of the pants. Actually, the pants aren't quite finished, they need their button attatched and the bottom hems done but they are at least, clearly recognisable as pants. Not great pants, but then, these pants were never going to be considered the eighth pantsy wonder of the world.

Here's how it all happened. I finished work at 4 so I went to the Salvos. There I found their pattern for 25 cents (American friends, that's 26 of your cents. Our dollar wins) and I bought it. The thing about their pattern though is that it's from the seventies. And it's a boy's pattern. For a 23" waist.

Still, that's the kind of pattern I usually start with. Something clearly unsuitable. That said, usually I'd make a half dozen prototypes first, but hey. The fabric was $2 (US$2.03) per metre, so it's not like my failure would cost the earth. Also, I was feeling optimistic.

Which is a bit weird really. See, I've never made pants before. Well, I've made pajama pants, with elastic waists, but this had pockets, and a fly. And it was almost 40 years old, and already cut out, and there were two almost identical but slightly different versions, which had almost identical but slightly different patten pieces.

Still, I've learned a lot. I've learned that boys have flat bums so after it's gone around a girl's bum, it's gunna sit lower at the back. I've learned that if you have a 25" waist, and you add a half inch to each piece of a 23" pattern, your pants will miraculously end up still being two sizes too big. Just like every other pattern, where you remove a half inch from every piece. I've leaned that if you're zizgzagging over your hems, the spool of cotton that can piece and quilt an 80x100cm quilt will not be long enough. I've learned that the design for the fly of the 70's wide legged pant was quite complicated, and that it's been greatly simplified since then. I've leaned how to put in a damn good pocket.

I learned that the Aussie dollar is whooping the American dollar's arse, and that made me happy. But I didnt learn that by sewing myself some pants.

I learned that by blogging about sewing myself some pants.

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  1. & I learned that you are quite hilarious! But I still want to see pics of your new pants. So you should get one of your family people to take one :-)

    ~ Meagan