Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Not my first 4am progress report...

I think my body does know that 4am is bedtime, because it was about now last night that I started to feel like bed last night too, but then Becky was up texting some guy who was doing the night harvesting and was bored, so that kept me entertained for a few more hours.

So far tonight I have made the back for the purple and green baby quilt, which went well, and quilted it, which started off with having to unpick 3 rows of wavy stitch because the machine was doing this thing where the bobbin feeds through the wrong hole and the tension goes just slightly loose - I ignore it with straight line but you can see it in the wave stitch. Still, since I could just cut it every 10cm or so and then pull, it didn't take to long, and the gods of quilting apologised by making the rest of the quilting happen flawlessly - there isn't even a ripple, let alone a pucker. 

Unfortunately when I was squaring it I chopped a chunk of my fingertip off - well, actually it stayed attached which was good, because it meant I could just pop it back in the hole and bandaid it down. it hurts though.

And now I'm up to binding it, and the blue and green, and the double wonk. The binding's been made and is all pinned down and everything, And this is probably the easy part, before I have to try to line up the back of it.

I'm really not good at binding. So wish me luck.

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