Saturday, November 27, 2010

It's just a matter of building up the momentum, I think...

Today, I sucked it up and made one of the backings I've been putting off for a month or so.

This is the front of Modern Grace (it's the name of the fabric range and I can't think of a better one) which is number 19 in the list to your top right and was generally known as the Blue and Brown Square quilt or the Stitch and Knit Quilt (where I bought the fabrics from) It's about 120cm square, so it's a bit bigger than the ones I've been concentrating on lately, but it's still a very manageable size.

I got a half metre each of the two brown and cream fabrics and a fat quarter of the one that's in the top left corner, and the rest is scraps left over from the front. It was only basted when I took the photos but it's been quilted since, and the binding is cut ready to go tomorrow.

I also got the photos of the recent finishes taken out in the yard today, but since there was a guy on the roof putting up the new TV antennas, I went to the far side of the block instead of doing them in the backyard. The grass out there is a bit more unruly though, so what looks like really wonky piecing is actually just lumps and bumps of longer grass under the quilts.

The more I look at it, the more GoogleEarth has become one of my favourites. The richness of the colours and the wavy/straight quilting lines make it look so... I don't even know the word. But it makes me think of sitting inside watching the rain wiggle it's way down the windows with the greens of the trees and the grass behind it, and it makes me want to eat my vegetables, and it makes me want to snuggle under it and be warm and indulgent and all that really nice stuff. It's like the world outside at this time of year - starting to warm up but still green and damp and lush from the rains of winter and spring.

I love the lines of quilting on the back, going in different angles. When I was shopping for the binding I found some fabric that is a print of slices of citrus, and if I'd seen it earlier I would have loved to use it for the back, but even though the print was too big for the binding, I bought half a metre anyway. I think I'll make it a matching bag.

I decided to call it Sweet Sacks, since it's all reproduction 30's feedsack fabric, and none of you liked the name Blandybland. You can't really see it, but I gave this a pale yellow striped binding just because I knew it would annoy Helen. I can't help myself sometimes. I would love to make an all yellow quilt one day, just to watch her hating it.

I've randomly decided to go with the name Shallow Water for this one - I think the colours are more like the sky than water, except for the brown which isn't sky-like at all, but does remind me of the sand and the rocks down at Woolwash creek.

I really need to get myself geared toward more little things for the market next weekend, but instead I find myself wanting to make bigger quilts instead. I'll see how I feel after I've had to bind this big(ish) one tomorrow - that might put me off it.


  1. All your quilts are so beautiful. You do a wonderful job putting the colors together. :-)

    ~ Meagan

  2. Sara, you have a real eye for shapes and colours. All of those quilts are eye candy. Good luck with the market!

  3. Blah Blah Blah Yellow Blah Blah Blah suit yourself Blah yellow!There I said it, its out =)
    Well I spent the night making felt strawberries, they look pretty good, can you save me some empty strawberry punnets, just a couple will do as by the time I get the kids to bed I only had time to make nine so Im not getting too many done by next week am I. Still need to finish my donuts Im off to get some hot pink felt icing today and then I still want to make a cupcake or two. I have made one baby sock monkey but he/she is still in her natural state (naked) God I hope this market goes well other wise everyone is getting felt donuts and strawberries for christmas. Actually they make lovely play food for a kids tea party