Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm so cool...

So after I put season 4 of Big Bang Theory and season 3 of Castle onto the SD card for Tegan last night, I took it into work with me even though she wasn't working. Us Woolies peeps: losers, the lot of us. Most of us will go there even if we aren't working, just to grab something, say high, check stuff... so I had it in my pocket, fully expecting that she would be in at some point.

I was right, and so at about 4.30 this afternoon, I did my first drop-off of illegal documents.

Sure it happened in bakehouse while I was on my teabreak, and she was buying cookies to eat during her exams tomorrow, but whatever. It felt awesome anyway. We shall spend tomorrow night basking in our awesomeness and planning more situations where we can be awesome.

I still want to be a hitwoman and start a "company" with Simone (we shall be Thomas and Hosking, Disposal Experts) but I'd like a bigger resume than that. I think, actually, I want to do everything that George Clooney has done in a movie, except the bit where he got stuck in a car boot with Jennifer Lopez. Cause that would be weird.

But yeah, I wanna be a hitman, and a spy, and an assassin, and rob some casinos. They say to aim high in your life goals - I want to be George Clooney.

But I'll also skip on the bit where he got fat for that one movie. Also he grew a beard, and I'm not feeling up for that either.

Meh. Does anyone know where I can find a crew*, and an easy casino to take down?

The one old poker machine out in Dad's bar will do for a start...

*It must include Matt Damon.

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