Sunday, November 21, 2010

I would kill for some mint choc chip...

I kinda had a really big day.

I didn't go to the pageant, cause frankly, we all know it's gunna be shit, so what's the point?

Instead I decided to get stuck into stuff. Instead of putting on TV (cause the thing about Chuck, and why I've been so into it lately, is that it's very arc-y. Not as bad as, say, 24, but at least on par with Alias. You need to pay attention to that stuff, and you can't while you're sewing) so I got my funky little TV box thingy to play music really loud. Everyone else was wasting their morning in at the pageant so they couldn't complain about my terrible taste. Suckers.

So, and please hold your applause, today I did two quilt tops. And then I made a back. And then I basted it to a top and some batting. And then I basted the other one to some batting and a piece of backing fabric that was slightly too small, but will do. And then I quilted the first one.

Well, I quilted half of it. And then I turned into a weepy crying mess, because Mum came in.

But backstory is needed at this point. A previously on, if you will. I love my car. My car is old. My car is buggered. I need a new car. I still love my car.

Dad bought the Swift out today, so I took it for a couple of drives. It's really nice. It's brakes are touchy, it needs a wheel alignment and it gets caught quite badly by the wind, but I'm gunna keep her. She's beautiful, she goes like stink for a tiny thing and she's really nice inside. But I need to get rid of my beloved BJ. A two year old Swift is not cheap. And even though a 15 year old mondeo that runs like crap isn't worth much, I need to let him go. In spite of everything. In spite of all we've done together. In spite of the fact that he's been everywhere with me for the last 4 years, it's time for me to let him go. 

Tonight Mum came and said we would clear him out tomorrow so that Dad could touch him up before they take him in for a trade in or valuation if Nev at the dealership thinks we can get more going private. So naturally I had myself a cry, just like last time I had to let go of a car. And then I sucked it up and finished my quilting.

Now look at some pretty pictures while I go mope like a pathetic loser.

I've decided to call it Summer Citrus. The differences between the two shades of each colour is more obvious in the real world.

I was originally gunna go with Cuddly Cammo, but I've changed my mind. It looks like GoogleEarth.

The back of Summer Citrus. The dots actually look like blueberries, so it's kindof a whole fruit salad.

It's quilted either side of the straight seams in one direction and next to the wonky seam on one side, and I taped a bit of cardboard onto the foot of my machine to keep the distance level to do another couple of wonky rows.

I'll be hanging with the icecream if anyone wants me.


  1. Every year when she was younger my daughter was in the Mount Gambier Christmas Pageant. It was a happy day for me when she finally got too old to participate.

    I feel the same way about my Pulsar that you do about your Mondeo. She really should be retired but I still cant let her go. Have your cry. Eat your ice cream. Think of new names for the Swift.

    Good grief, I cant believe the rate at which you knock out quilts. Love this latest one.

  2. Sara your a legend. Remember my red Fiat, I called him Balki, he didnt speak very good english but I loved him, I was sad to see him go to but I tell myself that he grew up and went on to do better things in his life. "Better to have loved and left him than to not have loved him at all" his memory lives on in my mind forever.
    Glad to see your comeing up with quilt names.
    How you going with the Library Market?

  3. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who mourns a bit when it's time to let go of an old car. It's weird how attached I can get to things like that.

    I love "GoogleEarth" for the name of your quilt :-)

    ~ Meagan