Monday, November 22, 2010

I owe it all to Wendy's Mint Madness...

Today, solely to please a pajama loving blog friend, whose name I discovered tonight I dont actually know, I sewed nothing at all today.

Okay, that's a lie. I had a bad headache in the morning, I went to Helen's for the afternoon, spent the evening giving my car a final clean out (I only cried once, and only for a tiny second) and the night eating icecream and watching season 3 of Chuck.

I'm nothing if not predictable.

To be fair, my only actual plan for the night was to quilt GoogleEarth. And then I found a tutorial for a really cute purse, and then I knew that if I plugged in the machine I'd sew that instead of what I was supposed to be sewing, so I just got myself some more icecream.

It seemed like the logical thing to do.


  1. ice cream and chocolate can make pretty much any situation better

    ~ Meagan

  2. I like pyjamas..Im a blog friend...could you possibly be talking about me ? My name is Shay. Most people call me Mrs. P.

    Yep after the day I had yesterday I would have gone with the icecream too , if I ate icecream that is. And Im happy to tell you choc chip hot cross buns freeze and defrost just fine(Ive done it many times)

    You'll love the new car.

  3. Hello Shay, lovely to meet you.

    And Hi to Meagan as well, over in the northern hemisphere, where they don't have Baker's Delight (you poor thing)

  4. yup - poor me. I'd probably sound more pitiful saying that, if I knew what Baker's Delight actually was :-)

    But we still have ice cream. So at least there's that!

  5. Okay - I asked Wikipedia and they told me it's a bakery company. It also said they have outlets in Canada, which is easier for me to get to than Australia.

    However, according to the Australian website - Baker's Delight does NOT have any gluten free items available :-( So while *I* might enjoy their food. No one else in my household can.

    So if I'm ever traveling through Canada (doesn't really happen too often) I'll try to remember to check them out!

  6. When I'm not living on ice-cream (which is most of the time actually) I really do pretty much live on their white round rolls - they have the perfect blend of fluffy inside and crunchy outside, and are the most perfect roll in the world. But their pièce de résistance is their choc chip hot cross buns. I would be the happiest girl in the world if they were available all year round, but since Christmas is barely more than a month away, I know that it's not long now...

    Seriously though, you're welcome in Australia any time you want :)