Monday, November 15, 2010

I have already used both Blargh and Blergh as titles...

After the big achievements of last night, and getting to work at 11, and buying more cotton, and a lovely bundle of fabrics arriving in the mail... I had to go back to work. Silly manager forgot to roster a supervisor on to close. So no sewing by me tonight.

If you want to see my achievement for the day, I've updated the "So Far" list, but it's all photos we've seen before, so it's not really that exciting.

Oh well, little victories, and all that.


  1. Yep having to work sucks alright. I hear you on that score.

  2. Thanks for the sympathy. On Saturday she for got to give me someone to go on checkout until close, but not rostering a supervisor on is a whole new thing.

    I think it would be interesting though - How do you think a supermarket would go with noone in charge of the registers?

  3. I'm thinking as a customer that would pretty much rock...

    By the way , Im over at your fave ebay store buying up all the mingle fabric she has left.

  4. Oh man, suddenly I don't like you any more...


    But yes, they are excellent sellers.

  5. Sheesh ...I left you one. But only cos you were practically grizzling.

  6. I immediately followed my link to see if there was any still there and then, and I know noone will believe me here - I thought to myself, "No, it's okay, I don't actually need it. I have enough projects planned to last me the next six months"

    I was mellow and at peace with not having it.

    And then I freaked out and bought 2.

    I don't know what's going on with their listings, since I'm still seeing they have 2 more still left after what I bought, but hey. I don't mind. In 2 weeks we shall all have more pretty fabric.

    And in 6 months or so, after I've done the stuff that's been on my list for 6 months already, I'll make something out of them.