Sunday, November 28, 2010

I had a pretty good day. I got the Modern Grace quilt bound, partook in a spontaneous mini crafternoon, scored a half dozen 8 cent fuel discount vouchers, which is a bit unnecessary considering that my new car has excellent fuel consumption, and I'm onto my fourth episode of Bones.

Tomorrow is for progress. Tonight is for some overdue bumming about. And cat cuddles. And chocolate.

And now episode 5 of Bones.

Good Day.


  1. Are you feeling the love for the new car yet?

    Im taking "crafternoon " and totally using it.

    And I love "Bones". I watch about two hours of TV a week and that's one of them.

    Today is all about trying to get some quilting done. We'll see how far I get...

  2. Aaaah we spread the love with after another bout of crafternoon, there is no vacination for it and it spreads fast.
    Actually did a better job of a cupcake so Im happier with that but not sure I have time to make more. where does the time go.....I dont even watch bones