Saturday, November 20, 2010

I had plans.

I had many plans. Awesome plans. Then I accidentally watched 3 episodes of Chuck, so those plans have been postponed till tomorrow. But I did get my design worked out for one of the bundles (the orange and yellow and green one) so that's good, and I also met what will probably be my new car. She's red, and I get to play with her tomorrow.

So maybe a bit more postponing on that sewing then.

And it was all going so well.


  1. How did you accidentally watch three episodes of Chuck?

    Sometimes you just gotta take that down time. I find I really have to be in the mood to sew.

    Hope your tomorrow is a productive day. Im sure it will be. You churn out stuff so fast it makes my head spin.

  2. Hello Sara, I accidently went to the Salvo's today and accidently bought you some really nice blue cotton fabric with little fire engines on it. Its really cute and would make at least a couple of quilt backs or could be used in a quilt front. Oh then I accidently went Spotlighting and spent another $50 on Cotton batting. See accidents happen to everyone.

  3. Yeah I'll probably be accidentally going to spotlight tomorrow and accidentally buying about $100 of the stuff.

    Hopefully I wont accidentally buy anything else, well, I need some green cotton, but I'll be buying that on purpose.

    I'll probably be over tomorrow arvo/evening.

    I have fulfilled... some of my plans.

    Yay me!