Friday, November 26, 2010

How the hell am I not bankrupt?

The spend $100 and save $40 vouchers from Spotlight arrived in the mail a few days ago and today I finally made it in to the store. I should point out that each person is only meant to get one, but since they deliver 4(!) catalogs to our PO box, I get 4 vouchers in the mail. Still, even using one forces you into a $60 spend, so I tend to use them mainly on batting and cottons - stockpiling stuff. The super great thing about today was that not only did I have this voucher, cozy cotton was already 20% off. So you take off 20% and then you take off another 40%, and 256cm wide cotton batting is $7.65 per metre. So my $60 spend got me 8 metres. That's enough for 16 of my baby sized quilts. I may be forced to go back next week and buy more, because not taking full advantage of stupidly cheap prices makes me twitchy, though I may have to leave it at Helen's because I don't have room for this roll, let alone another one. 

She has a whole room for stockpiling... I technically do too but I also have to live in it. (And yes, I could move out, but then I wouldn't have the money to buy all this stuff, so what would be the point?)

I used a second voucher too to get a couple of spools of white quilting cotton because I use it for almost everything and it's $14 a spool usually, some more clearance fabrics ($1.50 per metre after discounts) some machine needles (usually about $9) and some black and off-white homespun, because I'm developing a big desire to work with neutrals. I've only got the original Retro Quilt and the Awesome Quilt Top of Awesomeness as examples, but they are two of my favourites, simply because they look so "Quilty"... I suppose I mean that they look like a lot of the ones I see in other people's blogs, people who use neutrals like I think you're supposed to. I also bought a metre of a batik fabric in pink and rainbow as well as a mottled pink to match, so I can make a girly version of the Awesome Quilt Top of Awesomeness. I think that would be just as awesome, but also pretty. I will call it the Pretty Awesome Quilt Top of Awesomeness.

The only thing I forgot to get was some more bobbins, since my old machine refused to accept random cheap ones, and demands that I pay $8 for 3. Still, I suppose it's good to have standards. And it's an excuse to go back and pick another $92 worth of stuff to go with them.

As for sewing achievements, I got Summer Citrus bound, and it's in the wash with the new batiks and the off-white homespun at the moment. Hopefully the weather will have improved sufficiently tomorrow for some backyard photos.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous haul. I wish they delivered me 4 of those vouchers!

  2. If I got vouchers like that, I really would be broke!