Saturday, November 13, 2010

Grrr Bloddy Grrr.

I'm very glad I didn't do a post about how much I'm liking the new charger for my laptop, since it just exploded. Flash, bang, scorch marks on the bed and everything. Casey says there's burning smell but that can't be personally verified.

Laptop fortunately is fine, and since I only unplugged the other charger yesterday, I still knew where it was.

I'm pissed off though. 25 hours of usage, and it blows up. This is why I don't leave feedback as soon as an item arrives.

The other thing that I find weird is how they say "we will refund your money if you still give us positive feedback" when clearly, it hasn't been a positive experience. There's a black smudge on my quilt cover. It's not one of my actual quilts, but I'm still miffed. Even though I can't actually smell the smoke (have I mentioned I have no sense of smell? The official word, for those of you playing at home, is anosmic) I can kinda sense it. It's annoying me. So I have said I'm willing to not leave any feedback, positive or negative, and that's my best offer.

If it had happened when I wasn't here, if it had happened in a different spot, it could have burned my house down. I think I'm being pretty damn reasonable.

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