Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goodnight already...

Sorry about the mopeyness yesterday, it happens sometimes.

In spite of the fact that I got GoogleEarth quilted and bound today, I had hoped to achieve a whole lot more. I had planned to go in and finalise the paperwork for my car, go to Stitch and Knit to get some backing and binding fabrics for a quilt noone's seen because I never seem to have it out at the same time as a camera, and come home. Then I would achieve all the stuff I've been meaning to do - quilt GoogleEarth, bind the four recent baby quilts, make some bags, maybe find a solution to world hunger and sort the back I bought those fabrics for.

But then it turned out to not just be paperwork for the car but the actual changeover, and so I was feeling glum and I hung about in town because I knew that as soon as Mum asked me how I was about it all I'd start bawling (I did) and then when I did get home I find out that Nan's up at the hospital to have emergency surgery on a perforated ulcer in her bowel, so we go up to see her and then it turns out maybe it wasn't an emergency emergency, because it gets later and later and still no surgeon. We get told that it's happening soon at 9.30pm and come home, and since they haven't called we can assume everything went well.

So I got GoogleEarth quilted in straight and wavy lines, and bound in a green fabric I got the other day from Spotlight for it, and the binding for two of the others is cut as well, but then I would have had to change threads, and that can sometimes be an insurmountable obstacle.

I've just realised I'm using very long sentences. It could be that the huge glass of coke I just sculled has induced a sugar rush. Not enough of a one to cause me to go and change the thread in my machine, but still...

...I just got distracted for a minute in a search for a hole punch for my tags and then suddenly came down from my sugar high quite hard. But that's okay, 2am is practically an early night for me.


  1. I hope in amongst all that you DID find the solution to world hunger.

    So you ARE from my former corner of the world! I thought you were when you mentioned the field days.

    Hoping everything is going well for your Nan and that you find the motivation to change the thread. (I've felt exactly the same way at times!)

  2. No, but the solution to my hunger was lamingtons.

    Yep, we're from the mount. How long ago were you down here?

    From what we've heard, all is going good with Nan, but she's still not allowed to eat, so she'll probably be launching an escape or a revolt sometime this afternoon.

    It's much easier to change a bobbin when you're just starting for the day. The longer you've been sewing for, the harder it gets.

  3. Whats wrong with crying Sara, other than the fact it makes you tired its an ok thing to do.
    Hope the new car is making friends with you. Could you call around to the workshop and show Nanny and Poppy, dont leave the keys in it though because I think Nanny may try and steal it.
    I get more cross when Im doing the best sewing ever and the bobin runs out or the thread breaks, Im as blind as a bat these days and find the eyes on the needles are getting smaller and the cotton is thicker and when I try to thread it the machine starts shaking and my eyes go out of focus. I need an automatic threader or new glasses.
    Going to attempt to give birth to some baby sock monkey's today. No there goes Esther making squeaking noises, at least the Ginjer Ninja is sleeping.

  4. I moved to Adelaide in 2001. Im also old enough to be your mother so I doubt our paths crossed. My daughter would have been two years behind you in school though.

    I loved living there and sometimes kick myself for moving here!

  5. I was at Reidy Park till 2000, if your daughter went there she would have been in my sister's year.

    I was supposed to have moved to Adelaide back in January to do fashion design at Marleston, but if I had done that I would still have been making clothes and probably never taken up quilting.

    I love the mount, it just feels like "my" town. Tonight at work we decided to see if we could list all the shops down Commercial Street. We did pretty good. I bet you couldn't do that in Adelaide.