Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Tuesday in November...

Oh the Melbourne Cup brings Australia to a stop,
From Darwin down to Hobart,
From Perth up to Ayers Rock,
The nation's in a fever, 
You're bound to be caught up,
First Tuesday in November, 
They run the Melbourne Cup*.

After the Melbourne Cup ran I figured I didn't really have enough time to kick into a big project before I had to go to work. So, I had a rummage through my drawers and found a little ziplock bag of flatbear pieces that I cut about 6 months ago, but that got put aside because I got bored.

I'm still waiting for that to happen with quilting. Most mornings I wake up and expect it to be the day, but it hasn't been yet.

Anyway, since I need to do some little things for the markets that are coming up over the summer, I figured it was a good bit of time to squeeze them in.

I took some lovely photos of them too, including the last one which has a strange cheek lump and a dislocated shoulder, which convinced me to stop for the night, but my card reader has randomly decided to cark itself (it does this sometimes) and Mum's taken her laptop with her so I can't even use that to put them on the network.

My horse got scratched (I think he had to go yell at some terrorists or something**) my card reader stopped working and I broke a thumbnail, and then silly me picked at it till it was quite short (I had photos of that too, but...)

It's not been the best of days. It seems Tuesday strikes even when my parents are away.

Also, I think a midnight gorging of strawberries, cream and chocolate cake may not have been the best idea.

*Stay tuned another day for my detailed description of the mandatory hat or "substantial facinator" needed for entry to our uber-exclusive cup day celebrations.
**His name was Bauer. I know 24 got kinda ridiculous after season 3, but still... I loved that show.

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  1. Your welcome to load your photos at my house or you can call into the workshop, I have a card reader I use at work if you want to borrow that!