Thursday, November 18, 2010

Boots. Not. That. Hard. (Surely?)

Are you looking for an easy, effective way to waste an entire evening?
Has it been a while since you've found yourself feeling frustrated and poor?
Things in your life happening too easy? Stuff just falling into your lap?

Then you need to try and find the perfect cowboy boot for you. With hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of designs, you'll be sure to find at least a dozen that are maybe kinda a bit okay, or very nearly perfect except for that massive price tag. And after 3 hours online, you'll give up, wonder if you're being too picky, wondering if you really need two kidneys and how much you'd get for a slightly used one, and if it would be a bit excessive to get yourself an emo fringe.

Or maybe that's just me?

What I have at the moment are a pair of Ariat Heritage Ropers. I bought them at the Lucindale Field Days and because my feet are small, and I'm a bit cheap, I got them in a kid's size 5, which is about the same as a women's (small) 7, for $90.

This has a good point and a bad point. Kid's cowboy boots have an 8" shaft, so from the ground to the top they are 20cm high. This means that when you wear them under your bootleg jeans, the top doesn't go up far enough to make a visible crease from the outside. That's the good part. The bad part, especially if the lower half of your legs look like malnourished twigs, is that this is not a good look with skinny jeans. I, personally, need tall boots to go up to just below the knee to look good. So that means at least a 13" but preferably a 14" or 15" shaft.

Unfortunately, and this may seem an odd complaint, there are too many fancy designs. Ariat do not make a plain leather boot with a round toe (roper is apparently just a fancy way of saying round toe) that's 14" high. The closest is the Crossfire Caliente, which I will admit has an awesome name but it has a square toe (which at least is better than pointed) it's 13" tall and I still feel it's a little fancy.

See the ornateness of that pull tab? What's wrong with straight lines? And why does the seam up the side have to be white? And why does the heel have to stick out so far from the toe? These questions, along with the AU$230 price tag, have stopped me till now.

Tonight though, I also decided to look beyond the world of Ariat. Apparently, there's a company in America called Frye, and They've been making boots for about 150 years. Which is why they were clever enough to come up with these.

These are the Billy Tall. You can also get them in Short, Pull-on (kinda medium height), Heel and Double Zip. These would be the ones for me though. 15" tall with a 3cm heel, and perfect in every way but two. Pointy toe. $300ish price tag, before postage.

I could almost cry. $350 could instead be a lot of fabric. So I've given up. New boots are back on the too hard pile for another 2 months or so till I feel like putting myself through this again.

It wasn't an entire waste of a day though, because I made a quilt top before work today, even though I said I would finish off other things first, but a) it was quite quick, b) it's a bit boring and c) I can't find my camera. It was 6 retro fat quarters, now it's a quilt top.

Yay progress.

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