Friday, November 12, 2010

Batting, and other confusions.

Because I've done so many quilts, and because I buy batting in bulk when it's cheap, I've no idea what I've used for what quilt. The rainbow quilt was wool, I know that, Maddy's was pre-cut cotton, #5 and #6 were precut bamboo, but after that, I'm not sure what's what. I bought various bamboo by-the metre until spotlight had run out, and then switched to cottons. Currently I'm using cozy-cotton, which is $15.95p/m for a 254cm wide batting, which is great value, but it feels kinda thin, especially before it's been quilted and washed. It bulks up a bit once it's done, but I'm kinda wishing I knew what I used when I did the wonky mingle quilt, since I think that's washed up the favourite of any of my quilts. But then, it might be because it was quilted really densely.

I've decided that I'm gunna try concentrate on what I've started instead of new projects for the moment, which is why I'm thinking about battings. I've cut it to size for the Autumn Nutmeg quilt and the one that I made from the fabrics I got at Stitch and Knit, because they're both really nice "grown up" quilts that I want to have ready for any markets that we go to. Other than those, the Blue and Brown baby quilt is another market one, along with the red and green flower one that you really can't see the design of. Then it's just Bob's quilt rounding out my to-finish list.

I've allowed myself two new projects though, for all that I'm not sure when I'm gunna get time. I want to do the "Two Tyred" design in two completely different fabrics, in this case a solid black and a rainbow batik, which hopefully will look beyond gorgeous, and make me never ever do it in two similar fabrics again. And I need to get around to making Casey's handbag like mine. Maybe Sunday... tomorrow is out because I'm working a stupid 9 1/2 hour shift and Saturday I need to go play with babies before work, because it's been too long and I miss them.

Oh and even though they know I don't do mornings, Monday and Tuesday they have rostered me to start at 11. I know that's not early by most people's standards, but I'm usually still asleep then.

I may be dead by Wednesday. Can someone finish my WIPs for me?

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