Sunday, November 14, 2010

An Apology...

Yes, universe, I'm sorry. I knew it was a bad idea before I did it but I did it anyway. I solemnly promise and swear that I will never mix blends or weaves in the one quilt top again.

For those of you who aren't the all-knowing-universe, I got started on the quilt that looks better in my mind than any quilt I've ever seen in my mind, a sublimely cool black and rainbow version of the Two Tyred design I'm so very fond of. But when I bought the fabrics, I got black poly-cotton poplin instead of homespun. And when hottest-possible-setting iron hit it, it kinda melted a wee bit. Fortunately I got plenty, since I'm going with black for both the body of the back and the binding, so I only lost 10cm or so, but still. It meant that when I got to the actual seam pressing, I had to have it on a lower setting, and be careful.

I think it will have an upside though. No matter how much I ironed the batik, it simply would not flatten out. Whereas the black poplin, I was really only ironing it because I needed it to stay lined up when I cut it. It didn't really have any creases, and I think that will come up really nice once it's all done. Smooth black, crinkly rainbow batik.

I think tomorrow I might go into Spotlight and get some more of the rainbow batik, so that I can make a spare, just in case someone wants to buy this one. It's really gunna look that good.

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