Monday, November 29, 2010

All that progress that I was anticipating yesterday didn't really eventuate. I'm choosing to blame Casey, because I have to pick someone, and I've picked Becky so many times it's almost become a cliche.

First off, I went shopping. This is not Casey's fault, though she did ask where I was going and if she wanted to come, but when I said Spotlight she figured she didn't. If she had, things might have gone better.

So yeah, I went to Spotlight. Used #3 of the 4 vouchers. Got bobbins like I said I would, and some white felt for monster eyes, and some heavy weight fabrics for bags, which was on my earlier list but I couldn't find any I liked last time, and some smaller cuts of expensive fabrics to make a heap of tissue pouches, because they are awesome and I can make them quickly and take them to the market. Because Casey said they were cute.

So then I got home but I couldn't get to the machine because Casey was in my room watching Chuck. Now it's excellent that she's decided to watch it too, but since she's 2 1/2 season's behind me, she's likely to be in my room pretty much constantly in her quest to catch up. And she gets cross when I try to sew at the same time, which is especially annoying when she's also getting cross at me for not sewing her a handbag.

Basically she wants mine in navy blue with white polka dots. But the only fabric I can find that meets this description is a very lightweight poplin. And since most of my interfacing turns to crap, I like to only interface the lining and use an unlined heavier weight fabric for the outside. Today at Spotlight I found a very cute drill, navy blue with Japanese-y style white and red trees on it. Very cute. So I bought some of it, and came home, and started to make it into a bag for her. Lining interfaced, pleats measured out and pinned/ironed in, ready to sew. 

At which point she comes out and has a bitch that it's not polka dots. If she'd come into town with me she could have said that while we were shopping, and saved me some effort.

So I stopped work on that and started making myself another one.

I've added a magnetic snap, although not very well, since the two sides are at different heights, and it only looks that plump because I shoved the rest of the drills I bough today inside of it when I was tidying the kitchen. My only issue with it is that the handles aren't as thick or feel as strong as on the other bag, but I did have 90cm of fabric to make that one, whereas this time I only had 50cm. Still, it's cute, and I did a slightly better job on the sides this time, so I'm feeling the pride.

I also got a dozen or so tissue pouches 90% finished - I just need to zigzag over the edges, but doing that at night gives me a headache, so it can wait till morning.

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  1. Love the bags. My Daughter did the exact same thing to me a week ago. She LOVED a fabric on the net , I bought it and now she hates it. Thankfully I hadnt started using it. Now it'll sit in my stash until I think of something to do with it down the track.

    I spent all of yesterday in my pyjamas...