Friday, October 15, 2010

Would you look at the time...

Today, I went to Spotlight and bought 25 metres of fabrics. The whole shop cost me $90, but $20 of that was on thread.

I was only overcharged by $6 this time.

Casey told me that if I was going to go to Birchip I would have decided already, so I'm not going. I would have liked to, but she's right. I need to prepare for these sorts of things, I like to be organised, but because of work and a lack of transport I haven't had a chance to get organised.

Also, at day 9 of my ten-closes-in-a-row, I'm starting to run out of... well, everything.

Except, oddly, inspiration. I came home from work, hella tired and running on fumes, and planned myself 3 new quilts. And not single range ones either, big bright ones with fabrics from all over. The pink one has Spotlight, eBay, and Stitch and Knit fabrics in it. And then, because I was so keen on getting started on them, I decided to get cracking on... the one I started yesterday, in fabrics I never really loved, that I started making before work to test out a design before I did it in fabrics I really liked.

At first, it wasnt going well. Half of the blocks were already done yesterday before work and the other half were nearly finished, but when it came time to assemble them the cats decided to sit on the bits, and I went "I can do this without putting them out. It's only 2 sets of pairs..."


Well, not entirely. It is two sets of pairs, but they are not subsequently laid out on top of one another, they must be staggered. I didn't realise that until I'd unpicked and re-sewn half of it, only for it to still be all wrong, so instead of being a 4 by 5, it's a 4 square.

Still, I really quite like it. Of course, because they're all in the wrong spot there's two vertical lines of stripes, but whatever. It's 4 am. I don't care anymore. The pastels are actually quite pretty.

I did the back too since I had the leftover 4 blocks, along with the strip of each I had leftover, and some of the brown and green from the same range.

I'm thinking I'll probably get some yellow to bind it in, since I'm out of these fabrics now (6 half yards were used - I might still have about 1/3rd of a yard between the green and the brown, but neither is enough for a binding) but that will be later, since I'm off to bed.

One more day to go. Then, instead of stressing that I haven't got everything I'll need, and being cold and wet and tired, I get 2 days off to spend hiding in my room sleeping and sewing. But I'm fairly sure that at least a  bit of time will also be dedicated to feeling bummed that I'm not off living it up like everyone else.

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  1. Love the back of the quilt, not liking the front as much but Im sure its totally different in real life