Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A multi-end power cable that fit the laptop cost me eighty freaking dollars!!! I can get a proper one on eBay for $17... But I really couldn't cope without a lappy for 3 weeks. And once I'd spent that, the seal was broken, and I spent money at Kmart, and the book store, and the Reject Shop. And then I came home, and there was an email form vistaprint, on the same day that my new business card/quilt tags got here, and well, I planned on only spending $40, but then I accidentally pressed the "with return labels for only $7 more", and then it added another $5 to my postage, and then I was cross, so I unsubscribed from their mailing list so it doesn't happen again. But not before getting us some completely awesome Lower South East Ladettes business cards (to go with the shirts we really should get around to getting made), a Kooky Couture banner (for if we end up doing this market thing) and stamp that's not gunna be relevant to anyone but me and Casey, which I hope gets here before Birchip next weekend, because we will LOL. and then go around stamping people with it.

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