Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where has my funny gone?

Still no sign of Babycat.

I'm getting quite glum about it, no so much that she's missing, but more that she's not here. She makes me laugh. She does stupid things. She tries to pull my necklace off. She falls off things. When you walk along she runs behind you and tries to jump up your leg. It doesn't work, but she tries.

I love Honeycat, but she's nowhere near as funny.

To cheer myself up I decided I would do a bright, happy quilt. It's in the wash now. 6 hours from first cut to in the machine, and that included eating and going over the mitered corners by hand, because they were, frankly, a bit crap. It's 105x85cm ish so it's only little, and I didn't piece the back which saved me a huge amount of time. Top is 6 fat quarters out of a Lincraft bundle, all reproduction fabrics, including a yellow that's also in the original Retro quilt. Back is some random fabric I got from Spotlight a few years ago, a rainbow mosaic-y print on white. Binding is something purple from, that I used because I wanted the thing finished. Blue would have looked better, but I couldn't find anything nice.

We're off to the show now, to see the fireworks and replenish our fairyfloss stocks. It's also country karaoke tonight, but I'm not sure if I feel like it.

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