Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A top a day...

Even though it's late, I got the first of my "top-a-day"s done.

It's such an unusual assortment of fabrics, and the placement is almost completely random. A couple of the greens look really brown in this picture, but they aren't.

Current size is around 95x100cm, but the pattern confuses your eye about the shape.

Didn't take very long, since the 2 sews per block were in the same direction, so it didn't need any trimming. 

This was made from 6 American fat quarters, and I'll need 1m of fabric for the back, and 35cm for the binding.

Tomorrow I'll be doing a green and purple top.

PS. I'm planning on trying to get one done each day for a week for a week.
PPS. Still no news on Babycat.

1 comment:

  1. Looks very RANDOM and the colours look awfull on the computer but Im sure they are nothing like that in real life.
    Stephen said they have ipad bags at work if you want to try one of those for size!
    I told him I didnt think that was how you worked but that I would pass the offer on.
    See you this afternoon Maybe!