Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Top a day #2

If I'm honest, the main reason for this top a day thing is that it's a bit depressing to just do a post that says "still no good news."

If I have a quilt top, even only a little one, that's something, right?

Once again, 6 fat quarters, and even better, these were from the $1 discontinued basket at Spotlight. So, whole quilt top - $6. And using $2p/m fabric for the backing and the binding, we come to a total cost (since 1 metre of $15p/m of batting fits 2 of these wide) of under $20.

The problem with the cheaper stuff is that it really does need prewashing. It washes up surprisingly soft - not smooth and silky like the expensive stuff, more like a worn down flannelette, but it does shrink a fair bit in the process.

I've got another dozen or two in the dryer now, as well as the backing and binding for this and the green one. I had kinda planned to get a head start on tomorrow's top, but then, I had also planned on doing the blue and brown one, and I'm not sure whether I still feel like doing that one, or whether I might do another two tyred one in some red and green fabrics I've had forever. That sounds christmassy, but it's not really, since they both have lots of flowers on them, and I have over a metre of each, so I might be able to do the whole quilt in just the two fabrics.

But I am working 8 hours tomorrow too, so we'll see how it goes.

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  1. Hi Sara, having another sort out of my sewing cupboard and have located some boy fabrics, not huge amounts but make help doing a back panel
    There are some other fabrics to but there really isnt a lot of anything to speak of, they came from another quilter (her scraps) your welcome to whatever you want. I have taken a few for a ticker tape quilt but dont need them all.