Tuesday, October 19, 2010

This time, the lack of photos is not my fault...

Today after the earlier post, I sucked it up and started cutting. And I would very much like to show you how far I got, and how it's gunna look, and hop pretty my little piles of ironed out piecings looked, but blogger is having a doozy and wont let me upload images.


For the record, it's just the pink batik, but bigger, and I have done the diagonal joins and ironed them out (all 72 of them) and paired these off and string pieced them, but they haven't been ironed out yet.

I'm guessing at there being at least 3 hours more work in the top to be done tomorrow, but I'm not working so it should be okay. I don't think I'll rush into quilting it (not like me I know) because I'm just not sure what I want from it. there's no more room on my bed and it wont match anywhere in the house - I think it might end up being an "adult" display quilt, as opposed to the little ones which are more kids and babies colours. Which leaves me unsure how to quilt it, and what to do on the back.

When I finally get around to going to spotlight for some pink cotton, I plan on doing the batik quilt with 2 straight lines either side of the seam. Depending on how that goes I'll then work out what to do with this one. The other problem is thread colour - whatever I pick, green red or cream, is going to stand out on 3/4s of the blocks.

Dunno. problem for another day. Bedtime now.

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