Thursday, October 28, 2010

So it'll be a "two tyred" top in two days this time...

I got a bit bored with the 6 fat quarters quilt tops and decided to be ambitious and do a two tyred one instead.

Unfortunately, I finished my 8 hour shift with a very nasty tummy ache, and then got distracted looking for Casey's Christmas present, and then got distracted looking at perfume websites. I know you wont know how it smells to you try it on yourself, but well, even then I wont know. At lease online it will tell me what it smells like, useful information that's rarely available in shops.

Back to the point - I'm not gunna get it finished. It's blocks, which have twice as much sewing as a 6fq top, so I'm feeling proud of the progress, but it's late, I am tired, and I have another long day tomorrow. This top can be shared over the two days, which prevents me from having to come up with another mystery top. I had 3 more tops planned for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, but nothing for tomorrow. So it's kinda a good thing.

Here it is now, anyway.

They're very rich colours, so it's probably not really kiddie, but I'm trying to get some more mature looking ones done too, more as examples than to sell.

Tomorrow though. I'm gunna feed my face for a bit, then go to bed.

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