Sunday, October 31, 2010


The wonderful thing about quilting, and quilt blogging in particular, is the fact that we're all in it together. I'm really liking being a part of this online festival thing, because it's given me an excuse to look at stuff other people have done, without even having to sift through quilters with hugely different styles than mine. I click on a quilt I like, and it takes me to the maker. I can tell them I like it, just as they can tell me they like mine.

I'm so glad lots of people like my quilt. There seems to be much agreement that cheerfulness is a good thing in a quilt, and hey, everybody loves a rainbow.

Today's top of the day isn't quite a rainbow, but it's a cheerful little thing nonetheless. I was soooo not on the mood to do it today - I stalled and stalled till about 3.30, even though I had to start work at 5.30, and then, after a bit more blog reading, decided to suck it up and do something.

Someone had mentioned doing their line quilting by pretty much covering their top in strips of wide masking tape, and sewing down along the gaps. I'd always done a neat, regular top to do my quilting to, and then pieced a crazy back and aligned it diagonally, so the seams didn't have to line up. But if I used masking tape to get my lines, I could crazy piece a top instead.

I really like it in it's funky retro colour scheme, but it was kinda cheating, using a big bit in the middle like that. I got it done in an hour and a half before I had to go to work, so when I got home tonight I did it a back as well.

The bits on the back are a lot smaller, because I only had little bits left, and I had to add a few more fabrics to fill it out. I'm thinking a bright blue binding of some sort will complete my rainbow and bring it all together.

I'm gunna try to do a "big" quilt tomorrow - 120 by 150cm ish. I've no idea how big today's quilt was - it's however big the bit of batting I had was, and it'll get trimmed down even further because it's not actually all that square.

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