Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sadness. Again.

My box of stuff from finally got here, and going through it took up the night that I was gunna spend finishing off yet another baby sized quilt top.

At some point soon I will have to start making them into actual quilts but not tonight.

What did happen tonight was that while I was at work, my parents got my car going. And while that should be cause for jumping up and down and cracking the champagne, it would seem it's not. What they're now thinking is that, since it's running fine once it gets started (the problem apparently is something to do with there not being enough compression to fire the cylinders to begin with) what they want to try to do is take it in to Geoff in the morning and see if it is indeed a crack in the cylinder head, in which case he can do this miracle fix thing that will temporarily seal it so that it will start for the next month or so, which means that we trade it in ASAP, because apparently with the lower priced trade-ins they then sell them off to wholesalers in the big cities, making it no-one around here's problem anymore.

Economically, they are right. There's no point spending over a thousand dollars to fix it up this time only to go and spend another few thousand on it next year when the next part of it blows up. It's better to cut my losses now, get 3 grand for it at trade in, and buy a whole another car that will last longer.

But it still feels like ditching a friend because he's got cancer. I wouldn't send one of the cats off to Adelaide just because of the vet bills. And I've had my car a lot longer than my cats.

Am I being pointlessly sentimental? Will this I-owe-it-to-the-inanimate-object mentality result in me eventually being smothered to death in my own house, one of those crazy old ladies who could never let anything go?

All that said I'm fairly sure I'll get a Suzuki Swift, unless Dad can sort out some super amazing deal on a Honda Euro for me. The Swift S is about 18k list price for a new auto one, but I might be able to get a still-in warranty used one, and anyway I suspect we will get it cheaper anyway.

My plans for tomorrow: spend a lot of time crying so that I get out of having to clean out the car that economics is forcing me to abandon.

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