Monday, October 11, 2010

Rambling ramblyness.

On the one hand, I wonder why any of you read this. On the other hand, in spite of all the interestingness the internet contains, sometimes it can get hella boring. And when youtube has chewed up all of your bandwidth, an oft-updated blog can be a good few seconds of distraction. Or a few hours, depending on how rambly I'm feeling. Today it would seem to be very.

Anyway. Private discussion time now. Should I pull out of going to Birchip? There's a lot of reasons I don't want to go, but I'm not sure that any of them are a reason not to go. I think I still want to go. I don't know.


We will be leaving Saturday, and arriving late. Maybe an hour before the kickoff. Not much time to get ourselves settled; probably end up is a nasty corner miles from the toilets.

No massive support group. Granted, Longy wasn't a massive crew, but we were there early, had time to make ourselves a camp, with a fire, and definite claimed/defensible feel to it. Small group + arriving late = uncontrollable variables = me freaking out that I might start bashing people over the heads with bottles. I do this when I get stressed, and I don't care if the bottles contain drinks, whereas everyone else cries alcohol abuse.

I've kinda gone a bit off Jelly Tots. And after not being able to complete the final stage of the digestive cycle for almost a week after going to Rainbow, I've kinda gone off the idea of eating nothing but raspberry twists for an entire weekend.*

I wont have BJ. For over 4 years my car has been my safe place, and it is into him that I retreat when I've had enough of the drunken antics. And he wont be there. The van is not mine alone. I apparently get to sleep in it, since I do not own a swag, but still. Vera is not BJ. I do not feel comfortable having random, one sided conversations with her.

I just don't really feel like picking up. And there's not much point, as a non drinker, in going to a BnS Ball if I'm not going to find myself a root. I like Casey's idea of collecting randoms, but, well, I'm not that kind of person. She exudes confidence in these situations. I raise an eyebrow and step aside so as to not get covered in food dye. And then get picked up by one random, without even being offered a chance to sample the alternatives, and then, well, thinking about it, it all seems like too much effort.

My dress is in the shed. I put it in a bag and put it out there when I still had hopes of getting my room organised. So I'll have to go out and find it. I've no idea where my coat is, and it still has a big tear up the back, that I will have to hand sew back together, on account of it being real dead animal, and too much for the machine to be able to handle.

I will have to wax my legs. It's about time anyway, but still. I will have to find time in the next 5 days, around working a 35 hour week. It will hurt.

I will have worked 10 straight closes in the lead up to it. 63 hours worth. And because I'll be going away, neither catching up on sleep nor sewing will be getting done**

My cats went mental the last time I went away for 2 days. This was 2 weeks ago, and still their dietary habits have not reverted to pre-absence.

Entry is $100. Which could buy me a half yard of each colour of this in the stripe, the birds and the flowers inside the diamonds. And the postage. And some other stuff too, probably.

The guy I hooked up with at Longy might be there.

Reasons I probably will go.

I'm a sucker.

My Future Husband might be there.

There will be plenty of opportunity to frown disapprovingly at Becky.

I like the drive up there. Not just when I'm driving, but I enjoyed the last trip in the van while Casey was driving too.

I will have the nicest dress there.

If there's a guy in a pimp coat we can look knowingly at each other, and he will acknowledge that my actual fur coat is cooler than his purple-velour-with-a-leopard-velour-collar coat is.

Random people will come up to me and stroke my coat. Then I can imagine I am one of my cats.

If my funky new business cards get here, we can invent interesting fake names for ourselves***

The main reason I'll go.

You never know. It might be fun.

*this is a complete lie. But I do like being able to poop.
**sewing's not getting done anyway.
***but we will have to make sure we aren't wearing our name necklaces, because that would ruin it.


  1. Sara, sounds like you want to go but dont want to go. Fabric versus uncomfortable night at pissheads party........Fabric....versus.......uncumfortable night at pissheads party........Fabric WINS! but then thats just my spin off the wheel. I made a cute bag for Bob yesterday, Had no idea what it was going to be, just had a metre of black cotton and some of the left over print from his quilt, came out pretty good considering I had no pattern and no pre-concieved idea of the finished look I was after. Perhaps the shoulder strap is a little wide and maybe on a second attemp it would benefit from some interfacing in some parts or perhaps some acetate (what do you use?) I also made a baby sling but Im still not convinced I like it. Dosnt feel secure like the moby wrap but is quick and easy to get on and off. Mini Me Market coming to Mt in November to look for a venue.


  2. The only one of those that's actually troubling me is the fact that I wont have my car. Not only will I not have it as a place to hide, I also wont have it as a method of leaving should I need to. All the others are just random whinges, but honestly, going without BJ is almost as nerve wracking as going without Casey.

    As for the money thing - Becky WILL be paying for me. And since BJ is now not going in until Saturday (when I wont be here anyway) I'm gunna ease up on my no-spending rules. Or I would, if I can pick something I want. Those other fabrics are flannels, and even though I love the prints, the seller has a $40 international postage charge, so it's over $100 for 6 yards, and I'm not sure I love them that much.

  3. Thought it was funny you were looking at flannels but they are all beautifull