Friday, October 22, 2010

No Luck thus far...

Babycat still hasn't, shown up, but I'm not really sure what I should be doing about it. I have checked the highway a hundred metres of so in each direction from our house. I have asked the neighbours if they have seen her. I have checked all the sheds and cars, and up the trees. What should I do next? I'm under the impression that I should call all the vets and the pound, but it seemed a bit premature to be doing it today, and I don't know which (if any) of them are open over the weekend.

I can't tell if Honeycat is worried or not. Sometimes it seems like she is, but other times it's like she cant be bothered, and I think she's more worried at times when I'm actively looking, so maybe she's only worried at my worry.

Cats are more difficult to fathom than dogs. And everyone seems quite insistent that they do this - go off for a bit and then come back. But does that mean I shouldn't worry?

I have spent the afternoon piecing a quilt top out of 5 fabrics I bought from Stitch and Knit. I've no idea what they are, but they're blue and brown, with a little bit of green, yellow and cream. It should end up about 120cm square, and I'm thinking of quilting it on the diagonal. Not that I have any fabrics picked for a back.

I have a lot of bundles at the moment that I've only really sorted out a top for. I might be stockpiling them for a while.


  1. I hope Babycat turns up ok. Cats do wander a bit but they do usually come home for meals. Also the weather has been nicer so that makes them wander but then so do snakes and other interesting things to chase. Cats worry me a lot because they have no boundaries, they also dont care that their owners are fretting and have no shame in just appearing again with no explaination. They also dissapear leave no notes and no clues. Dogs on the other hand will generally leave a note on a tree etc and most people remember seeing a wandering dog but have no recollection of a wandering cat because that is what cats do. Bloody cats they make us worry, actually all pets make us worried, feel loved, happy and then ultimatly sad. I hope babycat is found either way, perhaps she will send a postcard!
    Where are you Babycat? Surely she needs to do some blogging

  2. Since she went missing on Thursday, we thought maybe she was at the Plaza menacing old ladies or down the street doing mainies. I'm figuring if she was trapped somewhere then Honeycat would be trying to take me there like she does whenever she's decided that something is important.

    It's kinda odd though - Mum and Dad are getting worried. And they claimed to not like her.


  3. Im glad that you can still make jokes about a missing loved one but seriously Sara.....wouldnt she have gone to Spotlight or a shop that sells laptops?
    If Mum and Dad sound genuinely worried at least you know they hav'nt done away with her. Then least you know that parents lie. The art is working out when its a lie and when its an act.
    Maybe Honeycat told Babycat it was time to leave the nest, maybe that's how you got Honeycat in the first place....her parents made her leave home!!!
    Its a terrible pitty our cat wouldnt move on.........I guess it's because we dont love her enough.
    Hope she turns up soon.