Friday, October 22, 2010

New Bag...

So tonight, after wandering around town spending money all afternoon, I decided to make a bag. It's loosely based on this, but with all different sizes and pleats going in two directions, and the handles set in the seam and the sewing not very good. I'd show you a photo, but, while I have my camera, I can't find the SD card. And so I cant get the photos to the computer.

Another thing we cant seem to find - Babycat. I saw her around 10.30 this morning before I left for work, but noone's seen her since. Of course we used to lose her all the time, but that was when she was a tiny little wriggling thing, not a real cat. We've checked the road and there's nothing squished, so we figure she's gotten herself stuck somewhere, but since it was dark by the time I got home, there's only so much looking you can do.

Alternatively, since it is Thursday, she's probably down the street menacing old ladies with her teenybopper friends. But I too was wandering around town half the evening, and though I did see a few cats, none of them were Babycat.

I'll wait till midday tomorrow to start worrying. She's a big girl.

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