Monday, October 18, 2010

Midday shop.

I know it's early (by my standards) but after Helen's comment I decided to buy a couple of things I've been considering for a while.

This iron is so cute.
And it's teenie. I think I can get away with using it in my room next to the machine - just iron out the end of the seam and keep sewing. It's touted as being great for getting inside the little places on bags, so I suppose that too.

And, for Helen and I to co-use, this book.

I'm not really one for patterns. But apparently it's more about tips and techniques in the context of patterns, so that you can apply them to whatever it is that you're making. Also, it has a big bit about interfacing, which is handy for Helen, since I then to just stack stuff up in there till it's how I like it, which isn't the most practical way of doing things. My only concern is that her site features lost of pretty fixings, and I'm more of a fabric-and-zipper-only bag maker. Or well, I'm buying it to adapt anyway.

The site also has some very nice free patterns and tutorials, so Helen, I suggest you go there.

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