Friday, October 29, 2010

Letters to people, places and things...

Dear Baybcat, it's been a week. Come home please. I miss you.

Dear the writers of White Collar, I'm sorry it took me so long to get around to season two, but my internets didn't get big till this week. That's not actually what I wanted to talk to you about; if you've killed off Mozzie I'm gunna come over there and beat you up.

Dear USA Network, fix your website. Streaming video should not use that much processing power. Also, there's a problem with your audio, but since the ads sound fine, I think it's shoddy sound recording, as opposed to the player's fault, for all that it has it's issues. Also, if you're gunna play adverts before EVERY video clip, get more than 3 of them.

Dear laptop power cable. Just stay in the damn hole.

Dear blog readers, I got the top finished. I also made two headbands for bandanna day tomorrow. But I only have one picture.

A headband is just a headband. Well, two headbands. Made especially to fit my head, but still giving me a bit of a headache. I'm not a headband girl, but I'm even less a bandanna girl. But it's bandanna day, so hey, it's only a short shift. I typed that initially as shit. I'm supervising, so it probably will be.

Dear universe, I promise I'll do the two tyred top in two very different prints one day. Maybe it's trying to separate the colourways in my brain that's giving me a headache.

Dear Headband, Sorry I blamed you. We'll see tomorrow night if I take it back.

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