Friday, October 1, 2010

I've had enough already. Again.

I know I managed to get quilts made before I went on holiday. But now that I'm back into the daily grind? I haven't even turned my sewing machine on in the last week. I finished Mama Jan's quilt, sat around feeling thankful, pissed of to the Mallee and came home straight into a full time job and no car.

I don't know why that makes a difference but it seems to make all the difference in the world. I cant bring myself to stay up late because I can't deal with Dad even more when he's going on and on about how I really should get one of the new Ceratos, and that if we drove BJ into a tree we'd probably get more in insurance money than we would for a trade in.

So I go to bed at 1ish, so I can be at least looking like I'm busy at 10ish when he comes to wake me up. But then I cant get in the swing of things because I need to go into town when other people go in, even though sometimes that's an hour or two before I start. And people have been sick at work, so I've been starting early, and a 2pm start usually means I have to go in at 12 when the parents go to the pub for lunch. So there's no time to do... anything.

And no time on the horizon either. With the exception of this Saturday, and Crafternoon at Helen's, I have 2 days off before we go off to the Birchip BnS in mid October. And those days will probably be spent painting the Econovan of Love.

Seriously, if I didn't need a new engine/new car/more fabric/food, I don't think I would bother.


  1. I hear what your saying Sara, you should try having two babies and a job, I know I have a car that goes but all I can carry in it is babies. I know I always wanted babies and now I have them Im not giving them up for anything but a girl likes to have her quiet time, her alone time and her creative time etc etc nowhere does she want to have "spend all your productive time at work" time so there is no other time. Maybe you just need some quiet Sara time. Actually I still really think you need to live on your own, its a whole lot easier to just live alone and then choose when you go to visit people and when you have had enough you just go home again.
    BJ is a part of you, I also understand that as I had a car called "Balki" a little red italian job, do you remember it? I loved that car and yes it was expensive but so are kids and you dont run them into trees for the insurance money do you so tell your dad your not interested in his dribble, actually dont even bother explaining, just walk away everytime he mentions it, if it gets no comment or reaction then surely it will bore him. you could explain to him that its a criminal offence but I dont think he would understand that either so its best to just walk away, then on the other hand you could just bite the bullet and learn to drive a manual. You only need to get yourself closer to town so once your in top gear just keep going till you get close enough to town that you can walk where you need to go but not worry about kangaroo juice or stalling or parking, anyway its just an idea.
    Text me if you want me to pick you up tomorrow, I can also drop you back home if need be that way your not relying on anyone else.

  2. This morning has been good, I don't know where dad is but I got to sleep in till 11, so that was nice. Didn't get me anything done though, and since the thing I should be doing at the moment is for a work friend, I really should be getting on with it.

    I do remember your car. I didn't remember the name, but I'm fairly sure it was a fiat. Is there a fiat dealer in town? I would consider trading BJ in for one of the new 500s, since they're so ridiculously cute.

    Casey is finishing work at 1 on Saturday and she thinks she'll come in for a bit too. I'm pretty sure we'll have Maddy over the weekend as well, since she doesn't really want to go to the caravan and camping show.