Saturday, October 16, 2010

It happened!

While the readership of this blog is nothing compared to some of the more established ones out there, I consistently get 2 or 3 dozen hits a day. Originally, most of my readers were in Australia (like I am) but in the last month or so the number of overseas readers has shot up - this week I have 3 times as many hits from Americans as I do Australians - And it's got me wondering about my content.

I have about 2 dozen blogs that show up as being followed, and another 4 or 5 that I have bookmarked because there was no follow button on their page, and I couldn't be bothered cutting and pasting their address into dashboard. Almost all of these blogs are Australian.

Originally, I made a point of following only Australian blogs. Slight reasoning led me to believe that local blogs were more relevant to me than ones with plenty inspirational content but not much I could relate to. I like blogs where the weather was the same as at my house, and where the school and public holidays were at the same time. I especially like blogs where they talk about the towns that Daniel Gibson, (who does the South West Victoria late weather bulletins) mentions on the telly (Foxs Lane). I liked any blog that was set in a town mentioned in the Bond Homes jingle (RicRac and Narioka). For an international blogger to be added to my list they needed to have a quilt making style that really matched mine. I was less interested in their day to day posting, more interested in what they had made.

Which makes the notion of international visitors odd for me. I never really thought that I was blogging for anyone, let alone people who use different money than me. To be completely honest, my thought process was something along the lines of "I need to improve my typing. I shall blog." And now people read this, and I worry that they're bored by my car issues and baffled by my fascination with the Aussie dollar.

Tonight, at about 11.30, it hit parity, or actually $1.0003, for less than a minute. According to, it's dropped back 0.9cents, to around 99.1 now. The Autumn Nutmeg bundle, of which I plan on eventually buying a lot, is listed at US$14.99, which eBay is currently converting as AU$15.05

This is a complete lie, because Paypal is usually 2c worse than the official exchange rate (it's how they make money) but eBay says that any displayed conversions are based on the official Bloomberg rate. Whatever.

Anyway, I'm excited. So excited I spent the night flitting from news site to news site, instead of sewing. This happens sometimes. Also, the fire is lit, since it's freaking cold here in spite of the fact that it's allegedly spring, and it's warmness is intoxicating after spending 8 hours this afternoon in front of an open door on the smokes counter.

The girls asked on the way home if I was sure I didn't want to come. One of the boys we were planning on convoying with has decided he will now be leaving at 9, instead of 10 like they had all planned. Casey got upset about this, and I was sure. My ten (very tiring) closes in a row are over, and what I need now is a couple of days spent bumming about at home, not traveling across the country stressing about more things.

I have sewing to do. But first, I have sleeping to do.

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  1. Isnt that interesting that people from other planets would be reading your thoughts.