Sunday, October 17, 2010

It could have gone worse...

Channel 7 is airing EuroTrip as it's late movie.

I should be embarrassed to admit that I love it, but I'm not. It's just such an awesome movie. But it is seriously cramping my sewing style. When I was watching Catch Me If You Can I was quite happy to come an go. Even though I've seen both films before, this film makes me want to stick around.

So, I'll blog now instead of later.

First of all, obviously, I didn't go to Birchip. But the weather is shit and they were up at 6 this morning getting ready to leave, and I stayed in bed till 11. That alone justifies the decision.

So after I dragged myself out of bed, mainly just to feed the cats because I could have happily kept sleeping, I quilted the pastel quilt and then Mum asked me if I wanted to come into Nanny's where they were going to be building a shed. Even though Bob was sick I thought maybe Helen might be there, since Nanny had been looking after Esther while Bob was with the doctor, and even if she wasn't then someone could drop me to her place, since, frankly, I'm not much of a shed builder.

So I took in the part done quilts and any fabric I've acquired since the last show and tell, which is a fair bit since it's been a while since I've been to visit, and after playing with the baby for a bit, Steven offered to look after the babies while we went shopping.

He's awesome like that.

So we took the part done quilts to Spotlight, and I got enough to fill in all my gaps in binding and backing, as well as a heap of blues and browns so I can do another boy baby quilt like the one I did for Levi. Well, actually, nothing like that, but the same kind of colour scheme.

A heap of the fat quarters were on clearance for a dollar each, so I got a half dozen, of them, and a whole lot more metreage. I only spent $40 of a mental $60 budget, so I'm happy with my restraint.

Mum came and picked me up after we'd had tea, but the shed's only half done so she'll be going back in tomorrow. 

So far I've basted and trimmed the pink batik quilt, finished the pastel quilt and made and part attached the binding to the blue and green quilt. If I can escape the clutches of the movie (it's nearly finished) I'd like to get the binding completed and a back for the two-fabric quilt made. 

Tomorrow, I need to go back to Spotlight. I need a pink cotton to do the quilting for the batik quilt. And I still have $20 of my budget to spend.


  1. Oh Sara that is SO BAD that you went back to Spotlight for more fabric. SHAME SHAME SHAME!
    Confession time- I also went back to Spotlight because Tillie needed some fabric for a school craft project and I must confess I was forced into buying another $50 worth of fabrics. SHIT NO food for the family this week.
    Then Tillie and I worked out how to make some flowers for hairclips so her and her friend Lily can make them at school. Turned out pretty well considering I made it up but she was very happy. I traced her a couple of patterns for her and her friend then did up two bags of fabrics for her because she didnt want to take it all to scool so I cut them in half for her. She was very PLEASED to say the least. I hope they do ok it was pretty simple.

  2. I didn't go in. No car till tomorrow, and Mum left for Nanny and Poppy's before I was willing to get out of bed. So there's 3 finished quilts done (2 all folded up nice, and the third in the wash) but the pink batik one still hasn't gotten past the basting stage.

    Now I'm not sure what to start next.