Saturday, October 9, 2010

If you cant deal with spew, dont read this.

I haven't done any more on the quilt, instead unwillingly spending last night/this morning indulging in the twin pursuits of noisily vomiting and wishing I was dead. And yet, I'm still going to work in an hour. My head is about to fall off, and I can't eat anything because I'll just throw it up again (I've had 7 spew-free hours till now), but there's no spare supervisors to cover for me, and none of the managers are comfortable leaving one of the junior supervisor-trained staff on on their own.

But if anyone annoys me, if a customer says "don't you have any more registers you can open," if a staff member comes off their register, if a manager comes and tries to dump some more work on me when I don't even have enough staff to get our work done, I wont even waste time trying to cough on them so they get my germs.

I will just be sick on them. And maybe that will make me feel better.

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