Monday, October 4, 2010

I seem to have ended up on the couch again...

It's a public holiday here in South Australia, and for all that Helen was talking about going for a shop over in Victoria, it's quite nice to have a day at home.

The family have gone off somewhere (possibly to Nan's) so it's just me and the cats, who have of course decided to go to sleep right where I lay out my fabrics to string piece. I took this as a sign to have a late lunch, and I just saw Nick D'Arcy NOT place in the finals for the 200m Butterfly.

I'm thinking he'll go punch someone.

Anyway, so far I've done all the extra quilting on Dad's cover, but couldn't actually assemble it because I've lost the snap-clip tape I was planning on sewing onto the bottom so I didn't have to do buttonholes. Helen's been using the little ones you set with a hammer, and I should find out how much they are as an alternative. The tape is about $12 a metre, so I'm not wanting to have to go buy more of it. I've got some quilt covers I chopped up for the fabric that might still have the clips on them, and I could probably just sew them on, but again, it would need finding.

I've finished my late lunch now, so I suppose it's time to get back to it. I'm doing the top of blue and green one first. Or I will be if the cats have moved.

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