Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hello, my name is Sara, and I am an addict...

I'm not a gambler. Most of my household is - They put bets on the horses when we go to lunch, or a game of Keno, or go and put $5 in the pokies to kill a bit of time. I'm not particularly good at it. I really only do one betting game - I invented it myself - called the petrol game. It's simple, you say "do I buy petrol today or do I think it will be cheaper tomorrow?" It's not a very complicated game, and since petrol prices rarely shift by more than 4c/L, you cant really lose more than a couple of dollars. And you cant play more than once a week, unless you have a Hummer or a Ferrari or something like that. Fuel consumption in the single figures prevents problem petrol gambling.

All of that is a roundabout way of saying I have strong-dollar angst. I remember last time it (the Australian dollar) got to 96c (against the US Dollar) and then crashed down to about 60c. It was around that time that I made my cheap jewelery saved search on eBay, and that's why it's set to a max of AU$1.30 - because that was about 99USc at the time. So now, with it hovering around 99c, do I a) buy up big on the assumption that it will suffer a similar drop in the near future* or b) wait until we reach parity and beyond, and then do my big shop? The newspaper today said that as long as the Chinese economy stays strong the Aussie dollar will stay strong too, but I really don't know anything about the Chinese economy. This is like petrol gambling, but with bigger stakes, and no controls to stop me from becoming an addict.

Maybe it's because I'm not playing the petrol game at the moment that I'm getting caught up in this. But my car goes in to the mechanics tomorrow, so here's to hoping it wont be too long now. And that the dollar stays strong.

*the last big drop was caused by the GFC.

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