Saturday, October 30, 2010


Just because I got all sentimental about the rainbow quilt earlier doesn't mean I didn't still do another simple baby top tonight.

It's nothing amazing, but boy coloured baby quilts are tough. You can either spend a fortune on some funky designer print, or do something perfectly lovely but a bit bland for $6. I think I want to quilt it in a really bold blue cotton, I'm even thinking of doing some tests to see if I can quilt it upside down and use an embroidery thread in my bobbin for some special accents. I think that might make it pop.

I actually had this one almost completed before work tonight, but after I got home I got distracted by the frankly excellent idea of an online quilt festival, and then I had to go pick up my drunk (well, to be fair, only actually tipsy, but still not okay to drive) sister, and then I realised I'd missed Offspring last week and I needed to catch up before Sunday, so again, super late (it's 3am here in South Australia) night.

And then we come to tomorrow, which it actually is already but I don't let that count untill I've woken up. My plans include making lots and lots of scrunchies, since I like scrunchies, but I don't have another top planned. Sunday's is, since I have the day off and can commit to the bigness that it is, but for tomorrow? I still have the pink and brown pile, but I'm a bit ambivalent after doing 3 stack and slash quilts in a row. I'd like to do something that's only the size of the bits of batting that I have left (about 75cm by 95cm) so I'll probably have to do some math.

I guess we'll all find out in 24 hours, wont we?

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